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Christopher Bleidorn


Growing up in an Italian - American household, food was always the center of Christopher’s upbringing in his hometown of Hingham, Massachusetts. This influence motivated Christopher to attend Johnson and Wales in Providence, Rhode Island to study culinary management. He later moved to California to work as Sous Chef at Nine-Ten Restaurant in San Diego. After six years of working for Chef Jason Knibb, he went on to work at several Michelin Star restaurants. This included spending time under the tutelage of Grant Achatz at Alinea in Chicago. Prior to Birdsong, Chris’s influences and experiences come from roles such as Pastry Chef at Corey Lee’s Benu and Chef de Cuisine at both Atelier Crenn and Saison restaurants in San Francisco. 

Chris opened Birdsong in San Francisco in May 2018. At Birdsong, Chris takes a heritage-driven, intuitive approach to cooking that builds the flavor in food using traditional methods to achieve non-traditional results. His manifesto at Birdsong focuses on bringing back the ingredients, styles, and techniques of the ways we used to cook, bringing them together to create his own, personal cuisine. He focuses on utilizing the entire ingredient, whether it is an animal, vegetable or fruit, in a sequence of courses to minimize waste and celebrate all parts of the product.